The Malatestas defended their Seignory by means of a chain of fortresses close to one another, keeping watch over the bordering lands of the hostile Duchy of Urbino. Montegridolfo guards the ridge which separates the Conca valley, on the Romagna side, from the Foglia valley in Le Marche. A fortified…
We are in the middle of the Conca valley plain, just a few miles from the beaches at Cattolica, and all around us are the hills.The fortunes of San Giovanni are closely linked to farming in this plain, a rich and fertile land still a patch-work of tidy, well-worked fields.…
The most unspoilt natural envi-ronment in the Seignory is to be found here. Hills covered with wild vegetation vie with neat farmland; every bend in the road gives a new and different view; every variation of season, time of day, light and darkness. It is a treasury for nature-lovers where…
Mondaino stands on a hilltop in the middle Conca valley, where fallow deer once roamed and there was a temple to Diana, goddess ofhunting and of woodland.The “hill of the deer” became a fortified village, a Malatesta stronghold on the borders of the rival Duchy of Urbino.Fortified walls and gates…
When the dawn lights up the year one thousand Valmarecchia, the towers of the fortress of Montebello (Mons Belli) are already there, powerful, challenging centuries the enemies of Romagna. The Fortress Guidi is still intact and tells the stories of a hundred attacks, betrayals, tragedies, glory and death, written on…
Santarcangelo developed in Roman times. Historians say that the first settlement took place after the formation of the near Rimini, around 268 BC. His campaigns were marked by the work of land division in the Rimini area. The construction of the great Via Emilia, which now runs through the city,…
Between the ninth and seventh centuries before Christ lived in Verucchio evolved a people, it is of Etruscan origin, which has left a legacy of art and culture incredibly refined. This is called Villanovian, after numerous excavations, we now know through rare fabrics, wooden objects, bronzes, ceramics, precious gold and…

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