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Nordic Walking in Riccione

Do you want to enjoy a holiday in nature?

Come and visit us, you can choose Riccione even for large holiday opportunities.

Those who love outdoor sports can stay at Hotel Sole in Riccione enjoying beautiful moments of Beach Nordic Walking, guided by trained personnel. Our instructor will be happy to introduce you into the secrets of the Beach Nordic Walking . Of course, we have at your disposal and free of charge the necessary equipment. Over 5 miles of beach invite you to the maximum enjoyment and outdoor well-being, contemplating the magnificent scenery and the swaying of the sea .

Beach Nordic Walking is the new discipline ... " the best invention in Romagna after Piadina ."

We are pleased and proud to introduce the new branch of Nordic Walking, designed by ANWI - FICN instructor Ezio Bianchi in Riccione, in collaboration with his teachers in Finland: INWA coach Tuomo Kettunen and INWA international coach Tiina Arrankoski.

A special thank for the support and the help to Fausto Ravaglia, manager of the beach 136 in Riccione, where it's open the first " Beach & Nordic Walkers Point."

Beach Nordic Walking allows you to increase all the benefits of Nordic walking sticks dynamic and assisted by keeping it in our beautiful sea, in shallow water (5-10 cm . ) Or upper-middle (20-50 cm . ) And on our beautiful beaches .

In addition to the known benefits in terms of weight reduction or control, increased muscle tone, decontracting muscles of neck and back, help the cardiovascular system -immune system, reduction of psycho-physical stress, BNW adds important benefits due to chemical and physical action of sea water.

The massage generated by the water produces excellent cardio-vascular benefits, thalassotherapìc power cleans the respiratory system and makes it even more enjoyable Nordic Walking at any level and with any physical preparation .
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In collaboration with the School Adriatica ANWI Nordic Walking Instructor and Coach with the National EZIO WHITE

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