When the dawn lights up the year one thousand Valmarecchia, the towers of the fortress of Montebello (Mons Belli) are already there, powerful, challenging centuries the enemies of Romagna. The Fortress Guidi is still intact and tells the stories of a hundred attacks, betrayals, tragedies, glory and death, written on its walls thousands of years. The mild pallor of the moon framed by the court when the population of a thousand people who have inhabited it. The grim ghosts of his soldiers and his brigands are kind of wing ghosts Orabile Beatrice and Azzurrina. Leaving behind the Adriatic coast, just hop on one of the many hills in the Rimini to find peace. From a height of 436 meters, elegant Montebello dominates the valley of the Marecchia and Uso, offering even the most demanding visitor a fascinating journey through history, art and nature.The mighty fortress, once the scene of many battles, it now offers a breathtaking quiet, marked by a long history, leads us to discover its hidden treasures and its mysteries.

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