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Eco-friendly sustainable tourism in Riccione

Riccione's awareness to the environment is growing and initiatives aiming at sustainable tourism abound.

Our 3-star hotel fully supports ecotourism as a solution, with particular attention to interaction with nature.

The world is ours, nature is part of life and gives us life... why not look after it also on holiday?

It is very simple.

The first step is to choose an eco-friendly sustainable hotel, committed to hospitality in the full respect of nature and the environment

The WWF makes 3 easy recommendations to achieve sustainable tourism:

1) Means of transportation

If you want to respect the environment… do not come on holiday to Riccione by car but take trains, buses and public transport in general. If you travel by train, you will grant you some special ECO-INCENTIVES, we will refund your train ticket to a maximum of 40 Euros for a weekly stay and 10% for a week-end break in Riccione.

And while in Riccione, please do not use your car but a bicycle and ride along the seafront and to the Hinterland... and enjoy the fresh air, do some sport and respect the environment.

2) Where to stay

Our hotel endorses Legambiente principles and we have adopted eco-friendly measures in all aspect of our daily activities:

  • Waste separation and recycling
  • Use of renewable energy sources and low-energy light bulbs
  • Use of cleaning products with low-polluting agent content
  • Increase awareness of guests with regard the environment

And so much more!

3) Behaviours

Respect for the environment can also be implemented during trips, bicycle rides, walks on the beach and not only.

We advise our guests to respect paths and protected areas, the sea, the beach, not to throw litter and not to remove natural elements to take home as souvenirs.

We advise our guests to re-use plastic bottles and when guests particularly care for the environment, they can decide they do not want towels and bed linen changed every day to help us save on water and energy.

We try and do our best so your holiday is special for you and safe for the environment.

Hotel Sole Riccione buys energy from renewable sources, here is the certificate

attestato SGR-hera

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